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August 23, 2017
Category: Oral Health
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Your daily habits could decrease your chances of developing decay or gum disease.oral hygiene

While everyone can agree that it’s important to give your teeth and gums the proper care they deserve, some people have no idea how to really go about it. Yes, most people understand the importance of brushing and flossing but don’t realize that technique matters or that other factors play into their oral health. From the office of our Chicago, IL dentist Dr. Mark Gamalinda, find out what could really protect your smile from issues.

Quit Smoking

Whether you are an occasional smoker or heavy cigarette user, tobacco products of any kind can wreak havoc on your smile. While there are many studies that discuss the health issues involved in smoking you may not realize that smoking can also cause a host of oral health problems, from chronic bad breath and decay to gum disease, infection, reduced healing and even oral cancer. If you want to really improve your oral health then it’s time to talk to our Chicago general dentist about ways to ditch the habit.

Your Diet

Just as what you eat affects your general health it can also affect your oral health, as well. If you eat a diet that is rich in sugar, starches and processed foods, sodas, sports drinks and fruit juices then chances are very good that you will deal with decay, gum disease and enamel erosion. If you want to keep teeth, gums and bones healthy and strong, then you’ll want to eat more vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and low-fat dairy.

Swap Out Toothbrush Heads

Your toothbrush isn’t meant to last forever, but most people put off buying a new toothbrush. However, frayed bristles can be too harsh for enamel and can lead to scratches or excessive wear and tear. The best thing you can do is replace your toothbrush head once you notice the bristles starting to splay out (usually about every three to four months). You should also replace your toothbrush head after an illness since the bristles can harbor bacteria.

Don’t forget that your trip to the dentist every six months is important for a healthy smile. If it’s time for your upcoming cleaning, then call Today’s Dentistry in Chicago, IL.